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Looking back on childhood, anything and everything could be turned into the grandest of adventures. To a lot of kids, the ideal day involves running, climbing, and a lot of mud. That perfectly describes the childhood of Gathings Law paralegal, Allison Rice. Over the weekend Allison gave her inner child the thrill of a lifetime and partook in the Warrior Dash in Gulfport, Mississippi. The Warrior Dash sends athletes on a course that includes running, climbing, crawling, barbed wire, and of course a lot of mud. Competitors of any skill level can compete on the obstacles with names such as “Deadman’s Drop,” “Muddy Mayhem,” and “Warrior Roast.” Once finished, the Warriors celebrate with a party afterwards with live music, additional athletic competitions, costume contests, beer, and more.

Allison braved the course with her friends and family and finished in an hour. Her favorite obstacle is called Goliath, a 30ft tall structure that is part rope wall and part slide. Participants climb up the rope wall and then slide down the other side into a pit of muddy water. And on top of the fun and excitement, the Warrior Dash challengers help raise money to support the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. More than $14 million have been raised through the various Warrior Dash events around the country.

Gathings Law is very proud of Allison. She is continuing her athletic training and she hopes that her next stop will be the Spartan Sprint. She’s got no quit in her!