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Gathings Law can be the perfect fit for small businesses. We know that a lot of small businesses struggle with their legal fees because legal help can be expensive, especially when they are just starting out. At Gathings Law, we completely understand that small businesses can’t pay big lawyer fees and so we work closely with each business we represent and adjust our fees accordingly.

In this week’s #TipOfTheWeek video, Will Lattimore talked one of our clients that needed help with a conflict she had with another owner of a business they had together. In that case, we used what is called a shareholder derivative lawsuit as a way to rectify that conflict. A shareholder derivative lawsuit is a lawsuit filed by an owner of a business on behalf of that business. Often that lawsuit is filed against an officer or another director of that company. Filing those lawsuits aren’t easy, in fact the requirements are quite complicated.

This case just happened to involve a family-owned business which made the process even more complicated and potentially emotional. Now, whether the business we are helping is family-owned or not, our first course of action is always trying to sit down and try to work things out. In this particular instance, we were able to settle the case and come to an agreement without going to trial.

If you are a small business owner, in need of legal assistance, call Gathings Law. We truly care about our clients and can promise you personalized attention. We will make our arrangements based off of your business’s needs and goals and will adjust accordingly as your business grows and prospers. Our main goal is to help you succeed.

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