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When you’re choosing your divorce lawyer, you should be picky. Not all divorce lawyers are going to be the best lawyer for you specifically; there will be some that you connect with and get along with better than others. But it’s up to you to ask your potential divorce lawyer the right questions in order to determine who will be the best fit for you. That is what Gathings Law Attorney and Senior Partner Honora Gathings talked about in this week’s #TipOfTheWeek video.

During the initial consultation, the best lawyer for you will listen to your concerns and what you hope to achieve and will give you an honest assessment of your goals. Make sure that you feel comfortable with this lawyer, as you will be required to divulge a lot of personal information to them in order to have a strong case. The more your lawyer knows, the better they can help you. You should also ask yourself whether or not you respect each other’s opinions and positions. You want to make sure that you and your potential divorce lawyer are on the same page and can work amicably towards the same goals.  

If you need a divorce lawyer, call Gathings Law. We have many years of experience handling divorce cases and we’re ready to put our knowledge and expertise to work for you.

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