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Divorce, Child Custody, and Family Law

There are few things that can impact your life more than a divorce. It impacts your social circles, your finances, and most certainly your children. It is an emotional decision as well as a practical and logical one. You deserve to have someone in your corner fighting for you in all areas of your case, someone to stand up for you. Gathings Law will work with you to protect your rights regarding your children, your assets, and your future. We will provide advice on how to protect your assets and how to determine the financial plan that is in your best interest.

Dissolution of Marriage

Gathings Law has decades of experience in fighting for our clients. Our specialty has always been in complex litigation, and that experience extends to our divorce, custody, and family law practice areas. We have experience handling issues related to the dissolution of marital partnerships, including the proper valuation and distribution of all types of businesses, real estate, trusts, and partnerships. We routinely help our clients with high net worth divorces and complex property distribution.

Our hope is that every divorce can be settled amicably, but when settlement cannot be reached, we are skilled and experienced litigators who will always fight hard to get our clients the most favorable results possible in their individual cases.

Child Custody

At Gathings Law, our attorneys are also parents and grandparents and we are especially sensitive to issues between separating and divorcing parents and their children. Our family law practice considers the entire family dynamic, parental fitness, and the needs of children, emotionally and financially. We will always fight for the best interests of your children. We represent mothers, fathers, and domestic partners in disputes involving child custody, support, visitation, education, and geographic location.

Child Custody Litigation

Child custody disputes are emotionally charged for everyone involved, and it can be difficult for parents to reach a fair compromise on their own. We work hard to come up with a solution outside of the courtroom but there will always be times when a child custody trial is the only viable solution available. You owe it to yourself and your children to have an attorney who has both compassion for your situation and decades of courtroom experience to represent you in child custody cases. It is always better to completely resolve custody and child support issues during your divorce rather than suffer the expense of having to return to court years after the fact.

Divorce Planning

Each client of Gathings Law receives a legal plan designed for the specifics of their divorce. There is no such thing as a routine divorce, every divorce is different because every situation is unique. We will provide a free consultation where we will discuss where you are in your divorce process as well as the details of your case. Once we learn the particulars of your case and determine if your divorce will be contested or uncontested, if children are involved, as well as other issues and complexities (including if a prenuptial agreement is involved), we will be able to recommend what we believe to be the best course of action for you.

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Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are designed to provide security for spouses in the event that they go through a divorce. Such agreements can be important in making sure that the assets you have now and the assets you will acquire in the future are protected.

It may not be high on your wedding checklist but Gathings Law can work with you before you are married to develop a prenuptial agreement that is in the best interests of you and your future spouse. It is a document that we hope you never have to use but it can greatly reduce your stress down the line. We help to develop a plan that will continue to be relevant and valid even if your financial or personal situations change significantly over the course of your marriage. Proper prenuptial agreements can be difficult, they require full disclosure of all assets and obligations. Let us do the legwork for you prior to your wedding so that you can focus on your marriage and the road ahead.

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