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Environmental Law Firm in Birmingham

We protect your rights when pollution has damaged your health, property, or quality of life.

What is Environmental Law?

Environmental law is the set of laws, regulations, and agreements related to the environment for a given area. When your health, property, or quality of life is threatened by a breach of environmental law by another entity, an environmental law firm can help.

Environmental Litigation

Pollution in Alabama does not just create eyesores, it causes huge amounts of damage to the citizens of our state. Air, water, and ground contamination can damage our health, our property, and our communities. In some cases Alabama pollution can cause debilitating and chronic illnesses or can even lead to death. And when those problems are caused by someone else’s pollution, that could mean they have to pay for the damage.

Taking On Big Industry

Birmingham’s past is closely tied to heavy industries. Many of those facilities spent years dumping chemicals and pollutants into our communities. The cleanup has taken decades and there is still work to be done. But pollution is also not just a thing of the past. Reports of pollution, both new cases, and cases discovered decades after being hidden, continue to make headlines and cause problems in Birmingham and across Alabama. At Gathings Law, we fight to make sure contaminants are cleaned from our communities, workplaces, and homes and that our clients are made whole. But we don’t just stop there. We fight to make sure that companies are forced to put measures in place to make sure that spills, contaminations, and discharges won’t happen again.

Science and Law Working Together

The experience of Gathings Law in pollution cases is not limited to the legal arena. In addition to the insight that comes with practicing law for thirty years, Lloyd Gathings also has a background in science, working at a state environmental laboratory after graduating college. That gives him the ability to fully understand the impact of pollution in your community and to be able to cut through the claims made by the polluters. Gathings Law will make sure your rights are defended and our communities remain safe.

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