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Personal Injury Lawyer in Birmingham

We have recovered millions for our clients.

What is Personal Injury Law?

Personal Injury Lawyers help you get compensated when there’s been an injury or death, oftentimes related to a motor vehicle accident, workplace injury, or product defect.

Personal Injury Legal Services in Birmingham

The highly skilled attorneys at Gathings Law have helped Alabama accident victims recover millions in verdicts and settlements. We fight because we care about our clients and about getting justice. Don’t let insurance companies or anyone else pressure you into a quick settlement before you have fully investigated the facts of your case. Let Gathings Law fight to get you the results you deserve.

Car Accidents

A car accident is the most likely reason someone will end up in the legal arena. Thousands of car accidents happen everyday in our country. Thankfully most of them are minor but just because the damage may not be significant, that doesn’t mean the impact on your life isn’t great. And despite its commonplace, there is no car accident that is the same as any other. Gathings Law knows how to hand the unique parts of your individual case, from first determining the impact and the damages to working to get you the best outcome.

And while even the most “run-of-the-mill” car accident can be difficult, the impact of more serious car accidents can be even greater. With serious injuries or deaths, the impact will obviously be felt for years. We not only work with you to get compensation for the damages to your property, we also make sure that the full medical impact of your injuries.
When there is a death involved in a case, the impact is felt much farther than just with the person involved in the accident.

Even a simple fender bender can cause issues that don’t show up for some time.

Truck Accidents

Imagine you are standing still and the entire starting offensive line of the University of Alabama football team is running your way. You wouldn’t even be a bump as they march right over you. That’s pretty much the same thing that happens when a fully loaded 18-wheeler truck collides with a small passenger car. The damage can be catastrophic and life-altering.

The attorneys at Gathings Law have worked with truck accidents for years. We know the devastating impact that a truck accident can cause. We work with experts to determine the fault of the accident as well as the long-term damages our clients can be facing. Those damages don’t just include the immediate medical problems but also the lost wages because of an injury as well as the cost that your long-term injuries may have on your future earnings.

Workplace Injuries

People shouldn’t have to choose between working in a dangerous job and making a living to provide for their families yet that’s the situation that too many people are in still today. Workplaces have gotten safer but still almost every week you can see in the news an article about how someone was injured just doing their job. Sometimes the injury occurs because of a faulty piece of machinery. Other times a co-worker disregards a safety procedure or training and another employee is hurt because of their action. Or sometimes it’s the fault of the employer. Employers can disregard safety warnings and through their negligence, an employee can be hurt. Or sometimes the injury occurs because the employer allowed the worker to work without proper training.

When a client comes to Gathings Law with a workplace injury we take our time to get to know the person, their injuries, the training they received and the types of machinery they were using when they were injured. We bring in experts from multiple fields of study to help determine the actual cause of the incident and to determine the long-term effects of the injury. No one should be forced to work in an environments that is unacceptably dangerous.

Products Liability

The safety of the products we use everyday has thankfully come a long way over the past decades. Through government regulations, increased product awareness, and yes, through lawsuits aimed at holding companies responsible for the products they produce, products have become safer. But there are still many companies that are looking for ways to cut corners with the safety of the products they produce. When companies are looking for the easy, or cheap, way of producing a product, there are sometimes flaws that can put people in danger.

Lloyd Gathings has been a leading attorney in the field of product liability for decades, looking for innovative ways to test the products that caused injuries and aggressively fighting for his clients.

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