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Injuries have a way of turning your life upside-down. At Gathings Law we understand that and are here to help. This week, our attorney, Will Lattimore, spoke on our social media specifically about on-the-job injuries. If you’ve been injured on the job you probably know that you’re entitled to workers compensation benefits. Gathings Law has tons of experience with cases involving workers compensation and we know the ins and outs of the workers compensation laws. We also know that the Alabama Workers Compensation Statutes can severely restrict the amount of money you might be able to recover.

But at Gathings Law we don’t let that deter us. When we say that we do our utmost for our clients, we aren’t bluffing. We know that Alabama Workers Compensation Statutes can be limiting so that’s why when we hit a wall, we search for other ways to get you the money you deserve. For example, if you’ve been hurt by a particular product that may have been defective, or if the removal of some sort of safety device played a role in your injury, it may be possible for us to get money for you that’s not restricted by Alabama’s Workers Compensation Laws.

Just like Will said in this week’s #TipOfTheWeek video: At Gathings Law, we know workers compensation benefits and we know the law. And we will put both to work for you. So if you or a loved one are injured on the job, give Gathings Law a call. We are ready to fight for you.

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