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We want to believe that when promises or representations are made to us and to our businesses, those representations are going to be upheld. We constantly depend on what others have told us and make decisions based off of those statements. Businesses depend on someone’s words to determine what projects they will take on, what products they will manufacture, or what areas they will avoid.

But when another business doesn’t hold up its end of the deal, the results can be devastating for small businesses. It can mean lost profits, lost businesses, and in some cases even bankruptcy. 

In this week’s video, Gathings Law attorney Will Lattimore talks about some instances of fraud that businesses often find themselves victims of, including some areas that you may not have known was fraud in the first place. He also explains why you need to act quickly if you even think you or your business are victims of fraud. Call us as soon as you suspect your business may be the victim of fraud at (205) 322-1201.