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Gathings Law recently filed a lawsuit against three companies that let chemicals get into the West Lawrence – East Morgan water systems. For years the companies, include 3M, let chemicals known as PFOA and PFOS get into the Tennessee River and eventually into the water authority’s intakes. That contamination came to a head when new regulations forced the water authority’s director to recommend people stop drinking the water last summer.

The question that remains is, how much damage have those chemicals done to residents of North Alabama who drank the water for years? Alabama governor Robert Bentley has decided not to ask the state to find out. He recently decided not to pursue additional blood tests for those residents.

As al.com reports, the Environmental Protection Agency issued a health advisory that described how the chemicals have been linked to health problems, including developmental problems in infants and cancers in adults.

Read the article for more information about the Governor’s decision and click here to find out more about the lawsuit Gathings Law filed on behalf of more than 300 residents against 3M, Daikin America, and Dyneon.