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Now is the time of year that Santa is getting toys for our children and grandchildren. At the same time, the Consumer Products Safety Commission is recalling hundreds of toys due to hazards presented by them to children. Unfortunately, toy manufacturers and importers of toys from foreign countries do not always provide adequately for the safety of children. While it is impossible for a parent or grandparent to be an expert on all toys, the following are some things to look for: 1. Be sure the toy is age appropriate. Due to choking hazards an age range is often put on the toy’s packaging. Follow these age ranges. 2. Almost all product recalls on toys are based on the following hazards — choking, strangulation, laceration and falls. Examine the toy carefully for each of these hazards. Finally, be aware of whether games and toys are age appropriate from a parental discretion standpoint. Some video games may contain sex, violence or other material not suitable for a child. Enjoy your children and grandchildren during the Christmas Season!