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It can be hard to visualize how lopsided a crash between a large 18-wheeler and a regular passenger car, but in my latest video, I try a comparison that may stick in your mind. It certainly stuck in mine. Gathings Law continues to see the damage caused by tractor-trailer wrecks across the state of Alabama. An impact with a semi most likely won’t just end with a minor fender bender, the damage to your car, and more importantly to the people inside your car, can be brutal.

Call Gathings Law today to see how we can help you recover from an accident with an 18-wheeler. We work with our clients to determine the full cost of the accident, not just the damage to your vehicle and not just the medical bills that are incurred, but also the time you may have had to take off of work or the true cost of ongoing injuries and treatment.

Call me today at (205) 322-1201 to hear how we can help. We have the resources to fight and the experience to win.