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The following article appeared in the New York Times today. Our firm represents companies in trademark infringement cases such as this. The legal and factual issues will be very interesting as this case develops. 

The full article can be read at the New York Times website.

Converse says that 31 retailers and manufacturers have infringed on one or more of its Chuck Taylor shoes trademark designs. For decades, the Converse star, stripes and rubber toe topper have been hallmarks of coolness, from the basketball court to high school hallways. Now the century-old American footwear maker says some of its core elements have been co-opted by the likes of Walmart, Kmart and Skechers. And it is filing lawsuits against 31 companies, accusing them of trademark infringement on its widely recognizable Chuck Taylor shoe. In Federal District Court in New York, Converse, owned by Nike, is suing for monetary damages, which would be determined at trial. The company says its main goal, though, is to get impostors off store shelves. Converse is also pursuing a complaint with the International Trade Commission. If it prevails, any shoes considered to be counterfeit could be stopped from entering the country.