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A divorce is a life changing decision and effects not only the couple, but any children involved as well. Divorce brings about big changes in a child’s life and it can be hard to help them adjust to the situation. When children are part of a divorce, it’s important to take them into consideration and make sure that they are not put into a daunting or confusing position. Children are very impressionable and having a good parental influence in their lives will undoubtedly benefit them. You may be angry at your spouse, however, they are still the parent of your children. Be mindful of what you say about your spouse around your child as this will affect how they view you and your spouse for many years to come.

When it comes to the legal system, harsh words, such as custody and visitation, are thrown around and may be overwhelming for child. Coming up with words that are more kid-friendly, such as ‘parenting-plan’, may help to ease your children into the transition that is taking place.

The transition for children during a divorce will take some time. Even if you and your spouse don’t move far away from each other, your children will miss the presence of their mother or father on a regular basis. It will be difficult for them to understand why their other parent is not around constantly. It is important to have a regular schedule to be with your children so that they can have consistency in their lives and see both of their parents regularly. Your regular plans for holidays and birthdays will also take some rearranging.  

There is a lot that goes on in a divorce and it can be overwhelming. Our lawyers here at Gathings Law are here to help. We will ensure that this time in your life isn’t harder than it has to be for you or your children. If you or someone you love is going through a divorce, let us be there for you.