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This week on #GathingsBizTalk Gathings Law Attorney, Will Lattimore, talked about a recent case in which he represented a startup company in a trademark infringement action that involved similar products that we being sold by two competing startups.

Trademark litigation in Federal Court can get complex and expensive. Because of that expense, Will handled the case on a contingency fee basis. When we handle cases on a contingency fee basis that means that Gathings Law pays for all the expenses on the front end and there are no hourly fees.

Typically, startups prefer this arrangement whenever possible. This arrangement is particularly beneficial in complex cases, such as those involving federal trademark law. When handled by other larger firms, expenses and hourly fees for this type of case can become overwhelming and can put a significant strain on the client.

In this particular case, Will filed a trademark infringement action in Federal Court. Later was able to settle the case for a payment of our client’s damages, an agreement to stop all infringing activities, and an agreement for both parties to post disclaimers clearly distinguishing their products and services from their competitor’s. It was a successful result for our client and didn’t cost them anything on the front end.

At Gathings Law, we understand startup companies and the issues they face. We’ve got the ability to meet your complex legal needs. Whether you’re a startup or a thriving business, we always put your needs first. Whether our clients need us to litigate or to perform other legal services, we always reduce our hourly rates when we’re dealing with a startup company. We also consider alternative fee arrangements, such as contingency fees, or a combination of contingency fees and lower hourly rates.

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