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Four days until Christmas and I’m still trying to practice law.  The Courts have slowed, lawyers are scattered between their offices, malls doing last minute Christmas shopping, Christmas lunches, Christmas dinners, Christmas parties, etc., etc.  I am partially in work mode, partially in holiday mode and pretty much wholly in unorganized mode.  The last few days before Christmas are a most unusual time of the Year.

Have I bought presents for everyone I should have?  Have I bought the right presents? Oh, back to the legal brief I am working on. Then my mind wanders to business changes I need to make for the next year.  From there it jumps to marketing issues, back to the brief and then to what I want to bring to a Christmas Eve gathering at my daughter’s house.  Then, back to that pesky brief.

Am I alone or do you fall into this same boat?  Let me know your thoughts.