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Divorce is a stressful and emotional time for all parties involved.  

One of the most difficult but important things to remember is to stay calm, especially if your spouse is not.

Unfortunately, many parties in a divorce may be harassed by their spouse, receive hurtful or unsavory messages, texts or phone calls. If this occurs, remain calm, do not respond, save and forward the messages to your attorney.  Many times the harassment documents may be utilized in settlement negotiations or trial. A spouse’s conduct during stressful periods assists the attorneys and court with a better understanding of the dynamics of your relationship and marriage. Neither party should antagonize or harass their spouse; however, if this does occur, do not respond to the messages and do not talk about or share the messages on social media under any circumstances.

If your spouse is threatening you or you feel as if you or a loved one is in immediate danger, call 911 immediately. Otherwise, screenshot the messages and send them to your attorney. It is best to discuss with your attorney the appropriate avenues of communication for you and your spouse. In contentious relationships, various communication programs/apps can be agreed upon by the parties, attorneys, and ordered by the Court to be the only means of communication by the parties.

At Gathings Law, we understand that divorce is a life changing event. We have decades of experience handling divorce cases and can address your concerns and assist you through your divorce. We don’t just represent you, we do our best to help you and be there for you. If you need to speak with a divorce attorney, call Gathings Law.

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