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There are few parts of your body that are more important to everyday living than your spinal cord. The nerves that make up that cord carry signals back and forth between your body and your brain controlling everything from your breathing to your heartbeat, your ability to smile to your ability to walk. Injuries to your spinal cord can range from partial loss of feeling in parts of your body to paralysis and in the worst cases, death.

Spinal cord injuries can happen through many different accidents, but as I describe in my latest video, there are a few things that cause more than their fair share of spinal cord injuries.

Our friends at the University of Alabama at Birmingham are making great strides toward helping people who have received spinal cord injuries, but still the effects can be long lasting and debilitating. Throughout my career I have represented many clients with spinal cord injuries and have worked to help make products, cars, and activities safer for everyone.

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