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It is not unusual for business owners and officers to wonder whether they have grounds for a valid breach of contract action, but need help knowing for sure. We are often called upon by our small business clients to look at contracts to determine whether there is a valid legal action, and, if so, to determine the best method for pursuing a recovery. Some contracts have mediation clauses in them and must be mediated. Other contract disputes can be settled by getting all of the documentation together and settling without filing a legal action. In others a legal action has to be filed. If settlement attempts fail before trial, then the case has to be tried. Fortunately, trials are only necessary in a small percentage of the cases. I always hope to avoid a trial but if it comes to it, we are ready to put our decades of trial experience to work for our clients.


If you are not sure whether your business has a valid legal action you should pursue, give us a call. The initial consultation is free.


Lloyd Gathings