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There are things we do in our lives that can be considered dangerous. Extreme sports, driving too fast, or just being reckless are easy ways we can find ourselves getting hurt. Showing up for work shouldn’t be one of those dangerous events. 

Unfortunately for many people around Alabama and our nation, working can be dangerous. In Alabama, 70 people died in 2014 and tens of thousands of others were hurt on the job. These numbers are thankfully down from their peak, but that’s a small consolation for the families of the victims who are hurt and killed every year.

In my latest video, I take a look at how those deaths occur and what we can do to help victims.

I have represented many victims of workplace injuries over the years, and their families. I understand how difficult those injuries can be for families, both financially and emotionally, and I work to make sure my clients receive fair compensation for the damage.

Call me if you or your loved ones have been hurt or killed on the job. I will sit down with you to go over your options and explain how we can help. Call us at (205) 322-1201.