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Last week on #GathingsBizTalk Gathings Law Co-founder and Senior Partner, Lloyd Gathings, talked about the importance of protecting your intellectual property.

Obtaining trademarks and copyrights for your work is extremely important.

When you develop a new product or a new computer program, it’s very exciting and you’re eager to put it out there and test it out. It’s really easy to convince yourself that putting it out on the internet just long enough for a test run to see what the customer reaction might be won’t cause any problems. Nothing bad will happen. The reality is that this can be dangerous to your livelihood.  

If you have a good product with a good product name, the name needs to be trademarked before any online sampling is done. Likewise, if you’ve written an education program, or something along those lines, you really need to copyright the program before making it public.

Trademarks and copyrights are not that expensive to obtain; they are pocket change compared to the losses you could suffer if someone steals your product name, your brand, or something you have not copyrighted.

Call us before making product of your hard work, creativity, and ingenuity public! We here are at Gathings Law understand the intricate ins and outs of copyright and trademark laws. We have decades of experience helping businesses in the greater Birmingham area and we’re ready to put our expertise to work for you. The initial consultation is free.

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