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The Old Gray Lady, otherwise known as Legion Field, has a very storied history in college football, professional football, and Olympic soccer.  The stadium made history again, although not on the field, last Wednesday during The Birmingham Bowl.  Auburn had not played in the stadium since 1998 and had a convincing win in The Birmingham Bowl, but that wasn’t historical.  The game at Legion Field was the first time fans every traveled to and from the stadium using Uber transportation and the first time football fans in Alabama had ever used Uber to go to a game in Alabama.

Uber has transformed “public” transportation in a very few years.  It became available in Birmingham the day before the bowl game at Legion Field and from the news reports was apparently used by a sizable number of fans.  I guess the days of riding express buses to Legion Field full of partying fans has gone the way of the Iron Bowl being played at Legion Field — they probably will never exist again.  But, no doubt, Uber is willing to step in for a new experience.