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Trademarks can be an effective way of protecting your business, your products, and your services. But navigating trademarks can be difficult, especially when you’re not a lawyer. But don’t worry-Gathings Law here to help!

You see the different trademark symbols on almost every product you have ever purchased. The three most frequently used trademark symbols  are ™, ℠, and ®. The ™ and ℠ symbols mean that you are staking a claim to the rights related to trademarks even if you haven’t formally registered them. The ™ mark is for goods while the ℠ mark is for services. You don’t have to use the ™ or ℠ symbols however it can help your business if you did. That’s because while there is no legal significance behind the symbols however using the symbols sends a message to your competition that you’re claiming branding rights and this will hopefully deter others from doing something similar.

The ® symbol however is regulated by federal law and does have legal significance. You may only use the ® symbol with a federally registered mark. However, if you do not use the symbol when your mark is officially registered you could give up your right to recover lost money damages if someone else uses the mark unless you can somehow prove that they knew it was a registered mark.

So how do you get a registered trademark? Talk to Gathings Law. We can help your small business navigate the federal trademark laws and ensure that your rights are protected. We have the knowledge and experience you need and the dedication and commitment that you want from your lawyer.