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As I look out the window at the snow falling, it is easy to reflect back on similar snowfalls in past years. Typically the calls start from clients several days later due to the automobile accidents that occurred on the slick roads. One year it was a state highway truck that slid into a client, while in other snowfalls drivers in four wheel drive vehicles raced to the top of hills apparently unaware that their vehicles would slide down the other side about as easily as would a two wheel drive vehicle. And then there is the driver who lived up North, has a lot of experience driving in the northern snows, but doesn’t understand the differences in those snows and ours. I like the business, but I would like it even more if drivers were extra cautious when it snows and those accidents didn’t occur. When you see a state, city or county truck sanding the roads, take into account that it is heavily loaded in icy conditions, or it wouldn’t be there loaded with sand. Remember that four wheel drive vehicles do better going up hills, but they will slide just like a two wheel vehicle. When it snows here the highway departments have very little equipment to deal with the road conditions and the snow typically turns into ice, often creating worse driving conditions than routinely encountered in the northern states. Finally, take note that Alabama doesn’t have a vehicle inspection law and, unfortunately, many drivers have tires with little tread — an accident waiting to happen on wet or icy roads. Stay at home if you can. If you can’t, slow down, slow down, slow down! Getting there a few minutes later is far preferable to getting their hours, days or weeks late due to an accident — or not getting there at all. Enjoy the snow, and BE CAREFUL!